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Bookcase, part 4: DONE.

Yes, that’s right, my friends. The bookcase is officially DONE. Okay, okay, by “done” I mean there are still a few tiny details to be worked out. I’m planning on adding magnets to the inside of the doors so they align a little better. I have some paint touch-ups to do on the ceiling. And […]

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Bookcase, part 3.

Just LOOK at all the progress I’ve been making! Here’s an ultra quick recap of what’s happened: I rebuilt the middle base after the last one was super crooked; I drilled wire holes in the bases, in the cabinets, and in ALL the shelves; I secured the bases together and then to the wall; I […]

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Bookcase, part 2

A lot has happened on the bookcase front since my last post! I’ve built the bases, cut (almost) all the wood, primed and painted (almost) everything, and assembled the cabinet and bookcase shells. First, new tools were acquired. I waffled on the router purchase, but let me just say, it. is. awesome. Now that I […]

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Bookcase, part 1.

I’ll admit it – I’m a bookcase snob. I blame it all on our old apartment in Vancouver, an older Victorian house that had been lovingly renovated and subdivided into apartments by the architect-landlord next door. This sweet little apartment had a built-in bookcase next to the fireplace. It was not an ornate or particularly […]

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