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AT Reno Diary: Week 1

Our first post is up over at Apartment Therapy, talking about the scariest and most traumatic bit of this whole renovation – the structural work. (Really, the photos don’t do justice to just how insane it seemed at the time.) Go check it out here!

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Still here.

Hey my lovelies. Yep, I’m still here. Remember back in January when I said that I was going to focus on my peace of mind, and not have guilt about not blogging too often? Well a few things came up which made me entirely drop the ball on the blogging since then, at least on […]

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Kitchen plans. Boom.

So far, you’ve seen the living room, dining room, entryway and bathroom in my apartment, but did you know that I haven’t shown you the entire back half of the apartment? Yep, there’s two whole rooms I haven’t shown you – the kitchen and the sunroom. (Okay, well there’s the bedrooms too, but they’re not […]

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Looking back, looking forward.

Wait, it’s almost the end of January already? And I haven’t even had a chance to take a moment and reflect on 2012? Well, that’s not true… I did spend two weeks relaxing, eating, traveling and hanging out over the Christmas holidays. But I haven’t had a chance to get all bloggy about it. So, […]

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New project: The entryway.

So, we’ve got a few bigger projects in the works that I’ll detail a little later, but they are projects that require professional help and permits and extreme planning and serious dough. In the meanwhile, I wanted to try tackling a smaller, more manageable spot – the entryway (or, if you prefer, the vestibule). Here […]

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Dining Room Light: Ikea Angenäm Bowl hack

Ever since we’ve moved in, we’ve had no dining room light. I’m pretty picky, and Pierre and I have slightly different taste on this one – I would have loved to put in a crystal chandelier, but I couldn’t get it past the guy. Pierre is a big fan of more industrial looking lights, but […]

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Trucking along, very slowly.

Oh hey there. It’s been a while, little blog. I didn’t intend to be away for so long, but then I hadn’t written for ages and it became a self-perpetuating cycle. The longer I was away from it, the easier it was to stay away. As it is with all habits. I’ve been working on […]

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Salvaged treasures.

When we were in Maine, we spent some time – okay, a few hours – in one of the craziest, biggest salvage barns I’ve ever seen. It was all my salvage dreams come true. They had old doors, windows, TONS of old tools, garden furniture, hardware, and even (much to Pierre’s delight) a record section. […]

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Scenes from a weekend getaway.

1. The best blueberry buttermilk pancakes I’ve ever eaten, in an empty inn in New Hampshire. 2. A trail in White Mountain National Forest. 3. What you wear when you go for an impromptu hike. I got a few comments from other people on the trail. 4. The lobster roll from J’s Oyster Bar in […]

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Bookcase, part 4: DONE.

Yes, that’s right, my friends. The bookcase is officially DONE. Okay, okay, by “done” I mean there are still a few tiny details to be worked out. I’m planning on adding magnets to the inside of the doors so they align a little better. I have some paint touch-ups to do on the ceiling. And […]

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