The bathroom: where it’s been, where it’s going.

Remember our destroyed bathroom from this post? Well, all that horribleness is over – the walls are closed up and the new lighting is installed. But before I get to that, let me take you on a little bathroom tour – where it’s been, where it’s going.

BTW, sorry about the open-toilet pictures. These were hastily snapped move-in photos.

This was what the space looked like when we moved in. Of the entire house, the bathroom was the one that had actually recently been fixed up. The previous owner put in this fantastic classic black and white tile with dark grout, and had bought a really nice classic pedestal sink. It also has the only remaining original window to the house, as well as the claw foot bathtub. Unfortunately the tile was the best thing about the bathroom. Other features included: disgusting puke yellow paint. An olive green door with many layers of gummy paint all over it, that doesn’t open completely (it knocks against the plumbing of the tub). A massive black track light over the shower. Absolutely zero storage. Tacky blinds that appeared to have been sponge-painted orange. A fussy, wobbly, dated curtain rod.

But the best part were the two frameless mirrors – one above the sink, but another massive one installed on the wall along the bathtub. The angle of the two mirrors gave a hilarious side effect of allowing you to see your backside in the reflection when standing almost anywhere in the bathroom.

BUT. We couldn’t just get in there and bust the place apart. This is our only bathroom. So I came up with a multi-part plan for the bathroom – things to do now, and things to do later.

Here’s a quickrundown of what we’ve done so far:

  1. Removed non-original molding from wall
  2. Installed baseboards and shoe moulding
  3. Painted everything white
  4. Removed mirrors
  5. Replaced toilet with new dual-flush model
  6. Hung new antique mirror
  7. Replaced window pane with sandblasted privacy pane
  8. Stripped and refinished door
  9. Replaced lighting with recessed lighting and installed a vanity light
  10. Installed paintable wallpaper behind the tub and painted it gloss black

This is about the extent of what we can do without putting the bathroom totally out of service, and it’s a major cosmetic upgrade. My dream is to move the plumbing to the center of the wall behind the tub, or possibly flip the position of the tub so the plumbing is against the opposite wall. I’d then replace the curtain track with a rod, installed closer to the ceiling – which would allow me to finally replace that ugly-but-functional shower curtain. Hell, I’d love to tile the whole bathroom in beautiful subway tiles, but again – it’s our only bathroom, and I value my sanity.

One thing I can do now, however, is improve the storage situation. My temporary solution was an antique dresser that’s currently holding all our bathroom stuff, but it’s way too deep for the small space. I’d also like to add some open shelving above, and a few decorative elements to give a bit of personality. My rough plan is to mount some kind of a fauxdenza-style cabinet on the wall and then install floating shelves above. Still to come…

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  1. November 5, 2012 | 10:05 am |

    Awh yeah! It looks great, you’e done so much! I love the black paintable wallpaper and the sandblasted window pane. You have done all the right things with that space. Looking forward to seeing what you find for storage!

  2. April 10, 2013 | 1:19 pm |

    This is just an amazing transformation. Kudos to youdos for a job well done (even if you’re not quite done). I am in LOFF with that mirror as I believe I mentioned a long, long time ago and the window/door are also soooo pretty. Again, really great job : )

  3. July 23, 2013 | 9:27 am |

    This looks SO GOOD. Loving your blog!

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